Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birds and Birds

(First off, let me say that I did not take these photos but obtained them from free stock photos I found on line.  No copyright issues here.   Sorry I wasn't able to find what I wanted on all of them.)

These are the birds that I’m seeing in my yard these days.  A ruby-crowned kinglet has been here all winter long.  In the same tree, I normally see a yellow-bellied sapsucker, too.  

Many birds flock to the feeders at various times of the day.  There are blue jays

 and cardinals

and goldfinches

 and chickadees

and titmice, pine warblers, chipping sparrows, mourning doves, and some other kind of sparrow that I cannot identify.  Drives me crazy, but thus far no luck with it.  There are many bluebirds in the area but we have only one nest box up so far.  They frequent the feeder with the safflower seeds but because of where it is located, I don’t see them from inside the house.  

We also have red-bellied woodpeckers that are here year round and they will visit the feeders.  

Today I counted six male cardinals and there were some females out there, too.   The downey woodpecker doesn’t approach my feeders, although he’s a frequent enough visitor to the yard.  Obviously though, they will frequent feeders as shown here.  Looks like a suet log.  

And yesterday I saw a brown thrasher.  They are such beautiful birds, but, oh so secretive!  We will continue to see them through to late fall. 

My friend, the Birdlady, has been out of town and I’m so glad she has returned.  I was going through withdrawal symptoms because I hadn’t been birding for over a week!!  We’re going to have to make up for that.

I haven’t mentioned my Hubby lately but he is doing quite well at the moment.  Let’s hope and pray that this good streak continues for a very long while.  He has gone to a bridge tournament this week so I’m on my own for a few days.  Most of the time, I’m very content to have some alone time when he’s away.  I don’t have any idea how he feels when I take off on a trip, but he never complains about it.  After all, turn about is fair play and he was a grown man when I met him, so he can deal with it.   

I hope everyone stays safe and warm during this nasty storm that is sweeping across the country. 

Y'all take care. 

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  1. What an amazing collection of visitors, well done to you because they wouldn't come if you did not provide the food they needed.