Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

 This past year has been such a strange and awful thing.  Who knew way back in March that we would all be hunkering down at home, cutting out travels, foregoing hugs and generally becoming hermits?  We spent last January in Arizona near Phoenix where I did considerable birding, adding to my life bird list, visiting with family members and friends,  and enjoying the sunshine.  

Burrowing Owls
On our way home we went to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon where I had never been. 

 Then we detoured to Socorro, NM to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.  

Sandhill Cranes coming in for the night

Thus ended the fun part of the year.  Our drive home from that trip carried us through some nasty stuff in Oklahoma and through lots of rain in Tennessee.  We arrived here at home just in time for an overnight snowfall of several inches.

We had planned to go to Iowa in May for two graduation ceremonies but those trips got cancelled.  Then we were to return in July for our granddaughter's wedding.  That also did not happen, much to our dismay.  The wedding went forward mostly because they could not change dates or cancel without losing much money in deposits to the venue.  Two family gatherings got cancelled, one in May and one in November.  Quilt guild activities were cancelled and have not resumed.  My husband's bridge games were cancelled and have not resumed.  We were supposed to be on our way to Arizona again at the moment but that had to be cancelled also.  We just did not want to take the risk. 

Thankfully, we are resilient people for the most part.  We've spent the year at home mostly, going out for groceries, medical appointments and the walks at the park where we can maintain distance.   I did take one short trip for a quilting retreat but it was only after a whole lot of deliberation.  So far as I know, everyone who attended was fine.  It sure was hard to forego hugs with friends, though. 

I have spent most of my time quilting and reading.  Thankfully those hobbies can consume many hours.  We also enjoy our home and the many birds around us.   My husband caught up on some maintenance chores as well. 

I won't even go into the turmoil concerning the elections and its not over yet.  

I'm truly hoping and praying that 2021 will be a much happier and healthy year for all of us.  I'll leave you with the quilting projects I've worked on this year. 

Finished this one off this year

For the high school graduate

I've also been working on wool applique projects but none are completed as yet.  Anyway, it keeps me busy. 

Y'all take care of yourselves and please stay safe until such time as we can all move freely about our worlds.

Happy New Year, friends


  1. And happy New Year to you, Sue!

  2. Happy New Year, Sue! I am thankful to have my quilting to turn to during this year. I've had fun catching up on those UFO's, repairing the antique quilt from my MIL, and shopping for fabric to start something new. Sure, it's been hard to not see friends and family or travel, but I am thankful for a nice home where we can be safe.

    Looking forward to seeing your new projects!

  3. love your quilts - I feel exactly as you staying home for the most part and not getting together with family - I cringe when I see people hugging and running all over the place and think please help get this virus out of here - and I hate it when people say I'm being afraid - I am not afraid, I am using common sense given by the medical community!

  4. Nice finishes- all look great! Our year sounds a lot like yours. The fun travel and outings stopped in March. Like you, we've enjoyed dog walks in local parks where not many people are. Strange and awful are two good descriptors. Happy and healthy New Year!

  5. I think many of us had plans for a big year of travel end birding disrupted by the virus - I know I did! But thankfully we have all remained well. I spent a short time in Arizona a number of years ago and had a great time - maybe I'll be back one day!

    Hope all is well.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. Well, at least something good came out of last year - you made some beautiful quilts! At least you have something to show for your time. I cleaned house, gardened, cooked, and then repeated. Everything I did has to be done again.
    This year has GOT to be better.